The Beatles:Rock Band - Drums Connectivity Issue PS3

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Just bought this hardly used bundle from ebay and apparently it was working (!?).

The mic and the guitar both work, but the (EL) drums just wont stay connected to the dongle.
To try and resolve the problems, I have moved the ps3 and drums to the kitchen to minimise possible WIFI/cordless phone (2.4ghz frequency) interference.

I have replaced the batteries in the drums.
This is a brand new super slim PS3. One ps3 controller is already connection (on #1)

The lights flash and then eventually sync. Any then the dongle light flashes ever so briefly and the connection is dropped. I have tried this with the guitar connected to the dongle and without. Still no joy on a consistent connection.

Here is a video of my connectivity issues:

Has anyone any suggestions please? I really want to get this to work.

Many thanks in advance,



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    That is a drag.

    Did you have RB2 drums before?

    If you could get your hands on another dongle you could at least isolate the issue to the drums OR hopefully the easier fix of the dongle being bad.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    Nope this is my first ever rock band purchase, and I was really excited until I experienced these connectivity issues.
    Looking at this video, it appears that connectivity should be almost immediate.

    Sadly I don't know anyone who has a dongle for me to test with, so I can't do that. Are the dongles in the habit of going bad?
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    Historically the dongles get lost more than they go bad.

    I personally have never had one Rock Band dongle quit on me and have had a ton of hardware. Other companies gear, yes I have seen them just stop working.
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    So that infers that the drum controller is probably bad ... (i.e. the drums are broken). ... Hmm
    Its a damn shame there are no new RB kits available for sale anymore.

    I suspect the PS3 has no diagnostics that I can use ?!
    If anyone has any suggestions on what to try to resolve this and obtain a stable connection, I'd appreciate it!
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