Ion Drum Rocker (PS3) Module Issue

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For the second time in a couple of years, it looks like my module is misbehaving. Even if it's only plugged in to the PS3, not touching anything and with no pads/cymbals plugged in, it still randomly fires off, mostly green hits. Is there any known fix for this, or do I just have to replace the brain again?

I'm hosting a party tomorrow, so it looks like no RB, since local stores in Chicago don't appear to sell even the basic drums anymore.


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    If You want to play the drums without any problems, You are better off saving a little money and buying an electronic drum kit. It's supper easy to program with the madkatz controller. And you can pound the **** out of the drums and cymbals without breaking the kit. Roland, Yamaha, ect. It's well worth the money, that is if U play a lot.
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    Thank you for responding! I have a real acoustic kit, maybe I'll grab some piezo sensors and mod it up :)

    Is there no way to use my existing Ion pads + the adapter + some piece of hardware to accomplish the same thing?
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