Hey guys, I'm new here. :)

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I'm new to this forum. I figured I'd join here because guitar hero (originally created by harmonix as you all know) and rock band were the two things that inspired me to begin learning real guitar and writing music. This is kind of my introduction I suppose. I love writing, talking about music in general, and sharing my music with others in a free environment, in contrast to the "bought fame" of a good amount of artists today (no offense).

I guess I can finish this up by stating that I love the rock band games, but I wish they would focus more on a good story, or at least have some more "video game elements" thrown in there, and put a little more focus on the single player aspect while also throwing in a little more difficult songs that we haven't played before (*cough* FREEBIRD *cough*). Anyways, here's a song I wrote just in case you wanted to get to know me in a musical way. It's around the genre of Nine Inch Nails. :)


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    lol, joining on the RB band wagon a little late are we? In any case, welcome!
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    It's never too late to join! The fun lasts as long as you want it too. Besides, he still has 4000 songs to catch up on :P
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    Welcome, dude. Once I get my internet back up to normal you'll see me here a lot more often :p

    I do agree that there needs to be more challenging songs. However, if you're on the Xbox, just take a look at the Rock Band Network and regular DLC, hosts of plenty of really challenging songs ranging all sorts of genres.
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    I just think that it should be more challenging in the actual games. I loved Guitar Hero Warriors of rock for that reason (and the fact that it was more story oriented). I just feel that rock band could do it better and make it feel more "rocker" than "Knights of the round f**king table". ;)

    Also, I've been playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band forever, and I've owned about every game. I just joined the forums a bit late. xD
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