Setting up a second foot pedal.

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I'm a very novice drummer. I just got a second foot pedal for my rock band 3 drum set and I have not found very clear instructions on how to set it up.

*note: the foot pedal may be defective, I just want to be sure that there isn't an option or some sort that I am missing.

Here is a link to the additional foot pedal that I purchased:

I have enabled the hi hat pedal as well as all three cymbals under drum options. the foot pedal is set for rock band and not guitar hero. nothing about it physically appears to be broken, however when I plug it in to either port, I hear nothing. No beats or anything. If I'm missing a step in setting up a new foot pedal, even when replacing the regular one, please let me know. Otherwise that will confirm that I have purchased a faulty foot pedal.

Thank you all for your time.


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