Mushroomhead- Authoring Groups Interested?

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Alright I got some explaining to do...
First off let me say that if you don't know Mushroomhead
They've been around since 1993 and If all possible I'd be happy with any of their work to come onto the RBN and It would translate well due to the Harmonies/Keys etc
But let me go into why I think this is possible.

I messaged Jeffery Nothing(Singer) a while back to see if he would be interested in looking into the RBN and he said he'd look into it
Small but still important.
Mushroomhead is partnered with Primary Wave Music which from what I gather is the gateway you go through if you want to license their music alongside the label and themselves
Here's the email to message the guy who handles that sort of thing it says he's handled songs going into rock band before so there's that, I'd do it BUT I don't have a 360 nor am I an author so no point BUT I thought I'd bring it to your guys attention if possible to look into I know a lot of people would love to have Mushroomhead on rock band in some shape or form and I see this being it.



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