Dead Cymbal Jack?

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I was playing RB3 (XBox 360) with my RB2 wireless drums with 3-cymbal expansion pack a couple of days ago, when the yellow cymbal stopped responding. (It was intermittent for a couple of songs, and then quit working entirely.)

I've verified that the yellow cymbal works fine when I plug it into the blue jack, and I've verified that the blue cymbal doesn't work at all when I plug it into the yellow jack, which leads me to believe that something related to the yellow cymbal jack is dead.

I cracked open the drums to see if there was any obvious defect (broken solder joint or anything), but I didn't find anything. I looked as closely as I could at the mechanical connection between the plug and the jack (with the jack board removed from the kit), and couldn't see any physical difference between the yellow jack and the green and blue ones.

I'm kind of stumped - I fear that maybe it's not a repairable problem, but rather something on a board upstream of the jack that's stopped responding.

Anybody seen anything similar and been able to fix it? Are there any good "junkyard" sources for parts? (I'd like to try replacing the board containing the three cymbal ports if I could get one.)

Any help is appreciated - it looks like drum kits are hard to come by for a reasonable price anymore.



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    Same thing happened to my pro drums, the yellow cymbal jack plug seemed to pull in and out loosely without clicking in just before it failed. turns out the metal clip(or tag) that makes contact with the jack was bent back and not making contact properly.When i tried to bend it back in i snapped it rendering the yellow jack useless :mad:

    You could try using aluminum foil to wrap the jack and see if it works or else from what i can tell the circuit that holds the cymbal jacks appeared to me to be universal across all of the rock band 3 and possibly rock band 2 drum models (ie wii,xbox 360 and ps3 all share that same circuit) although i don't know for sure, perhaps someone else can confirm?

    You could try to find a wrecked drum set and resolder the few wires that holds that circuit.

    Good luck.

    Ps have another look at that circuit and turn it upside down to see and look at those metal tags that bend in sort of an s like shape and try inserting the jack in the green plug and note how that tag moves and then do the same with the yellow one and see if it does the same thing or if it feels looser.
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