Places to get a new Xbox 360 Ion Kit?

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Ive been looking around online and am trying to get an Xbox 360 Ion kit for 250 or under (with or without shipping) and am not having much luck..

I keep running into kits but all for Ps3... My question is 2 fold; i do have a midi pro adapter, will that work with the Ion kit even if its one for the ps3, making it to where I can effectively use it with my Xbox anyways?

Just looking for a site that is reliable and can get an ion kit (preferably with 2 cymbals) for around the 250-300 area.

Thanks fellas.

EDIT: Wanted to tweak my question, in the event Ions are near impossible to find

Will most MIDI kits work? I am willing to look at other kits that are within a lower end price range and consider picking em up if RB 3 will work with most midi kits


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    These guys look like they have it:

    It is officially discontinued just in case you did not know.

    Yes, most MIDI drum kits will work with the MPA, just make sure the MIDI notes are either assignable or and correct as per your MPA manual stock.
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    My dad wanted to get me some drums for Christmas, and I had given up on finding an Ion Drum Rocker, so I said to just get any drum set that says MIDI on the box. He found one at Guitar Center for $199 which outputs USB-MIDI or something like that instead of just MIDI, which is fine for a PC (no need to buy a USB-MIDI adapter), but it was no help for me since I needed regular MIDI for my MIDI Pro Adapter. After returning that, I found that had the Xbox 360 Ion Drum Rocker with 2 cymbals available, which I thought was odd since it's been discontinued for so long, but they did offer it this late. didn't have it available when I checked leading up to Christmas, but they had some on hand for a week or so at the beginning of January. I don't know if they'll continue to get more every so often or not, but that's how I managed to get one. Amazon has some which are marked up to $350, so that's $100 extra. Ebay has one right now that's at $50 with 8 hours of bidding left, but it looks very used, plus there's 8 hours left. Others on eBay are ~$400.

    If you get the PS3 kit, it's the same except for the controller. The game controllers do not output MIDI. So if you get the PS3 kit, you have two options... one is get a drum brain which outputs MIDI, and then connect it to a MIDI Pro Adapter... the other option is to get the Xbox 360 version of the game controller. The PS3 game controller will not be able to talk to a MIDI Pro Adapter though.

    The game controller thing is available for $50 online from Ion at I think I've seen it cheaper on eBay but I'm not sure.

    If you want to instead get a drum brain and use the MIDI Pro Adapter, I don't think any drum brains which output MIDI are $50 or less. So if you're only playing Rock Band, then go with the game controller thing, and don't bother with a drum brain unless you want to do drum stuff outside of the game.

    On Amazon, the kit is $350 for Xbox or $250 for PS3. So depending on where you get it, there may be $100 or more difference simply because the Xbox is more popular and has RBN and everything. So you might do good by just getting a Wii or PS3 kit and getting the Xbox module thing separate.

    EDIT: it looks like the forums have quite a few mentions of faulty game modules, no idea how common that is though; may be cheaper getting a MIDI drum brain than going through multiple replacements
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    I appreciate the help guys, i actually went out and bought an electric kit (had a midi pro adapter from my squier) and am up and running...

    Ive been tweaking with for the last two days and i just cant help but feel the Hi Hat is just a tad "off"... like.. beats that i own, i know, i know i hit them right, theyre songs that are like the back of my hand ( i can even turn off pro mode and nail em fine on the regular pads) are missing on my hi hat.

    The strangest thing is, its not like its 'double hitting' or missing hits.. super fast beats like everlong, i pretty much hit as well as i did before (98%-99%) during the 'disco' beat..but a song like reptilia, i cant hold a beat on it.. its nuts.. its kinda infuriating me, lol..

    Does anyone have any clue what could be causing this? Ive questioned my skills and readjusted and adjusted again and again, ive downgraded to the simplest of beats but the damn thing still misses notes.. Ive recalibrated a few times.. i just dont get it..

    Why in the hell would it do fine or super fast beats then F*** up on medium to slow beats? my mind is just at its edge on this one lol

    any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks fellas
    Ive also gone thru songs hitting hard as hell, light as hell and medium and still getting the same damned result lol
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