Not Your Typical Xbox Controller Sync Issue

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Hey all,

I have a WIRELESS Rockband 2 drums, guitar, and microphone. The other day I hooked up a friend's GH guitar so we could have a bass. I've seen this done many times before and no issue.

My two Xbox controllers and GH guitar sync and turn on just fine. My RB drums and guitar do not.

-When I can get the drums connected it only shows up as controller 2 socket (it should be 1st controller)
-It will not let me turn it off through middle Xbox button
-I have to remove batteries or it will continue to turn XBOX on when manually shut down
-It shows up as a guitar in the game NOT DRUMS

-When I get the guitar to connect it experiences the same issues as drum
-When both connect they both show up as a controller
-I have tried turning off all controllers through Xbox menu (2 regular, GH guitar, Drums, RB guitar)
-Yes, I know how to connect the devices with the sync buttons. I repair Xbox's and computers all the time for people I know my way around electronics.

I sync'd the drums and guitar to my friend's Xbox and lo and behold they connected right away no hassle and worked fine so this seems to be a problem with my Xbox.

Please help as I can'y even play!!
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