dear rockband love u all u doing awsome heres something to think about

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i think if Rock band wants to expand the need evils rock band . or making a Europe rock band or a or a brain Adams rock band this is just my opinion this band all have awesome songs and would be great for rock band. and may be having people playing the game be able to be in the crowd cheering for u watching u play or making rock band move??? being able to sense your movements for Xbox connect or PlayStation eye like finger movements or even being on your knees with the guitar behind Ur head loll making it move to where u make the rocker show there real talent not just on guitar but earning the crowd with signature moves like robs tornado from Metallica or the bass drum leap loll or being able to upload skins for Ur instruments stuff like that
i don't think pro was a way to go do to rock smith i think as far as game play is better and u used a real guitar not a ripoff loll i think i t would open the door for new things if the moment was able to be controlled :p


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