Revisiting My DLC prayer

BricksBricks Unsigned
edited January 2013 in The Beatles: Rock Band
We Believe in One Group
The Beatles, The Almighty
Maker of the Rock and Roll Band
Of all that is heard and yet to hear

We believe in The Beatle’s Anthem
‘All you need is Love’
Eternally begotten of the father’s
Wisdom from John, Love from Paul
Spirit from George
True light from true light
Begotten by the beats of Ringo
Through them music was made
For us men and for our serenity
They came down from Liverpool
By the power of American’s like Barry and Presley
They were born out of r & b and country
And became Rock

For our Sake they salvaged our sound
Then was crucified under the Yoko Ono
and Suffered, died but not buried
After thirty years it rose again
In the form of interactive play

We believe in the efforts of Harmonix and the musical industry
We acknowledge the amount of time and money spent in the conversion of songs
We look forward to the upcoming DLC as yet still unannounced
With the faith that ALL albums will come and that the Beatles Rock and roll kingdom will never end!


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