What's your dream job?

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Do you have it? Do you have only one? Have you always had only one?

My dream job is to make movies for a living. I'm quite sure of that now, but I've had my eyes on other things in years past. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a reporter. I have 9/11 to thank for getting me off that path. Not 9/11 itself. For as horrible as it was, I understood it was a newsworthy (to say the least) thing that happened. I even saved a few newspapers from that day for a while, until I realized I didn't really want them. No, it was a few weeks later when there was a big fuss about airing cell phone calls that came off the hijacked planes. I thought this was exploitative and wrong, and it made me realize that that's a lot of what journalism is.

Then for a time I wanted to do music production. Honing in on it I guess, not a spectacularly far cry from visual arts. I actually took some college coursework in audio production and produced an album and a demo tape for local bands. Fun as hell...but there's really no future there. It takes a colossal up-front investment to get there.

And while making movies may never be my 'job' per se -- I doubt I'll end up in Hollywood -- it's much easier to get started in that. I'm quite sure I'll have something produced this year :D It's very exciting.


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