Moving from UK to Canada, will my DLC work?

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I'm moving to Canada next month, from the UK. I plan on taking my UK xbox with me, knowing that I'll need to buy a new power supply and that games I buy in Canada won't work on it.

The only reason I want to take it with me is because I have a large amount of Rock Band DLC on the harddrive which I don't really want to lose.

Can anyone please advice me if the content will work following my move? Will I need to migrate my Xbox Live account too, or will that break the DLC? Help!

Thanks :D


  • WitticusWitticus VERY DEEP
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    As long as its the same network it should be fine. I'm not sure if the Xbox will play on NA televisions however, because there are different frequencies European televisions and NA work.
  • IcemageIcemage Road Warrior
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    Actually Rock Band DLC is region-free on the Xbox 360. So if you get a North American Xbox 360 + a North American Rock Band 3 disc, recover your gamertag on the new machine and re-download your DLC, it should work with the NA disc. It's only the game discs that are region-locked on the 360.

    I don't know whether you'll need to migrate your account.

    As for the display output, as long as you're playing at 720p via component or HDMI cables, you should be fine on any HDTV. If you're playing on a standard definition TV, that definitely might be a problem as Witticus mentioned.

    (NOTE: Wii and PS3 users are in a different boat in this situation. Wii DLC AND discs are region-locked and incompatible with discs or DLC from other regions. PS3 discs are not region-locked, but will only read DLC that matches their region.)
  • AlternityAlternity Road Warrior
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    I really don't knopw about this, but if what Icemage says is true (About the DLC being region-free), could you just get a North American xbox, and simply use your own HDD on it? Would be way easier than redownloading everything.
  • jibjqrkljibjqrkl Eventually Perceptive
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    you do need to re-download the dlc to get it synched up with that xbox, but since the data is already on your HDD it will only take 1 second per download. still annoying though.

    as for the games, not all of them are region locked. so that might be worth checking out as well
  • BlasteroidsBlasteroids Road Warrior
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    Might need to migrate your account because of billing, but it won't be easy.

    Have a look at this site as a starting point:
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