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I guess got tired of all the character wishlist on youtube -_- So I guess I make my own here on :D I've thought this through (except the movesets since I feel it's up to the developers to decide that).

Krystal from Star Fox Adventures:

If Fox still had the staff he would still kicks ass in SSB, but apparently Krystal won't share her staff (bummer isn't it? -_-) So putting a list of moves with her and her staff would create a pretty unique fighting style and also put another female in the game which aren't a lot of.

King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong Country series:

IDK a lot about this character, but looking at him just makes me wonder wouldn't his moves kick ass? I do know he has some projectiles at his disposes and I feel that would pack way more of a punch instead of just jamming in another DK character (Dixie Kong -_-) that wouldn't fit in SSB.

Ridley from the Metroid series:

Don't know too much about the character other than he was in SSBB as a boss character, but looking at him just makes you wonder what kind of insane moves he could pull off in the game. Also there ain't a lot of characters from the Metroid world that would make great additions other than Dark Samus which I feel would be better for character skin rather than a waste character slot.

Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia:

Don't know too much about him (or the game xD) But I do know he is represented by Namco and that he made an appearance in Soul Calibur Legends for the wii. His twin blades would surely kick ass and seeing how his cartoonish the graphics were in the game he would quite well in SSB.

Pacman :

Seeing how popular the arcade game was in the 80's and that eventually spawn into loads of merchandise and loads of games. Pacman is Namco's most beloved and most recognized characters (even more than Mario & Sonic) in the history of gaming. His moves do seem to be a copy of both Mario and Sonic :/ But something really unique about Pacman would be his ability to eat almost anything. Heck I would like see his final smash pay a homage to his arcade days by turning your opponents into ghost getting the power pellet and eating everyone in the matters of seconds.

Ninja from I-Ninja:

I'm currently playing this game :D But damn it's loads of fun xD Seeing how the idea to add Tekken and Soul Calibur characters to the game seems like a cool idea, is really not :/The characters would be straight out of place since all them just fit more in PS's Battle Royale rather than SSB. So after investigating for Namco character's for the new SSB and I've thought wouldn't it great to add "Ninja" in as a secret character (as a great surprise too :D) He's instantly a likable character in the game and his moves... god his moves just range to all sorts of goodies. Like the ability to throw ninja stars, hover using his sword, wall climb, he even got a chain for those who like to hang on ledges (or grab opponents from a far). Also his cartoony graphics just scream out PUT ME IN SMASH BROS. GOT DAMMIT!!! If they ever put him in the game I'll be insanely happy :D Please Namco, I beg of you... PUT NINJA IN THE GAME!!!!

Megaman X from the X series:

Seeing how there's loads of rumors on how he'll be perfect in the game, he is. Megaman has the ability to copy abilities from the opponents he has beaten (not that I'm saying make him like Kirby ._.) But it would be great seeing a complied list of abilities in his past games. He can wield Zero's Z Saber so if we don't get Zero :( we'll have some sets of his moves at X's disposal. In my opinion I go for the X version (and maybe other types of Megamans available as his skins) since it's a bit more mature than the original one and has loads of likable (and badass >:) characters. X can be play as Samus in Brawl (as a hacked skin for Samus) and just seeing how he fits in SSB Universe just begs to be put in the game, with his own set of moves of course.

Zero from the X series:

This is just a fan boy request xD But also seeing how Zero's list of moves just makes perfect to be put in a fighting game (hence why he was added in MvC 3 and not Megaman) Also seeing how the SSBB hack created a skin for Link he just fits right at home with the SSB universe. I don't see Zero getting in the game because mostly the spotlight is on Megaman, but it sure it would be nice to see him added in the game somehow (maybe a DLC?).

Sigma from the X series:

While playing the first ever Megaman X and seeing how great is the boss battle with Sigma :D Why not add him in the game? Seeing how X and Zero fit in the game heck why not add their arch nemesis in the game? Then again is just a fanboy request :/

Little Mac from Punch Out series:

Seeing how bunch of people mention his name on their wishlist made him pretty much a character worth checking out. Don't know a lot about him, but I do know a boxer fighting stance would kick ass in the game. Also would provide a unique fighting style for those tired of seeing clones in the game.

Final Fantasy characters from Mario Hoops 3 on 3 and Mario Sports Mix:

Don't know a lot of the characters from FF, but I sure do know they appear on those games which gives an excellent chance to be in SSB. Also I heard a lot of people wanting Geno in Smash Bros. which I feel would be a nice addition to the game, but then again licensing is also a ***** -_-

Yeah not probably the greatest list, but a reasonable one. I don't feel the need to just jam a random bunch of characters in the game because 1.) They wouldn't fit in a fighter game and 2.) probably won't satisfied everyone. So yeah just post or comment about the list and feel free to compile your own list. (This list was just compiled out of boredom :P so don't take it too serious)


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