Rock Band Meet-up near me? Northern Cali

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Hi RB Forum! I'm John, and I have a PS3 guitar and mic and i'm working on getting the gear to play keys as well, wondering if anyone who lives near Grass Valley or Auburn, California wants to meet up IRL and shred some Rock Band? I'm not online because the PS3 and discs i play on aren't mine so you'd either have to host me or bring your console & games, sorry about that part x( However I am a very nice person, I won't come trash your house or gear and I'd expect the same of you of course. I am not ranked but I have been playing for years and no longer have very many friends to play with here because most don't have time anymore. I'll play any song on expert guitar/bass and do hard/expert vocals song pending(no Psycho Killer especially, i feel like a fool singing fa fa faa fa fa fa fa faa faa). Meeting beforehand is a strong plus of course and I have no problem with that. If there is by chance anyone in this area that wants to take me up on this let me know! I want to play more Rock Band with a real band again!

This isn't an event so I figured it belonged here, but if I'm wrong, mods, move this thread at will.


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