Coachella 2013

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Probably the worst lineup of Coachella yet, IMO.

Here it is.

I really object to Coachella's continuing support of the "canonized hip bands" thing where they have dumb reunions at their festival that for some reason are considered different from when the big classic rock dudes do it. I can't imagine any universe where Blur or The Stone Roses actually put on an interesting set. Moving down, Phoenix and RHCP are definitely weird choices, what with Phoenix still being a pretty undeveloped band and RHCP being way past their prime. I assume that this is just a symptom of the continued pandering of the festival to dumb middle aged white dudes and their boring college-age children, I guess. Lots of random **** and predictable Tame Impala spot, as well as Beach House, Grimes, etc. There's a whole lot of filler there, too, though. And not just in those lower rows where it's rare to know an act, but in the lines that say despicable things like "Franz Ferdinand" and "Moby" and "Social Distortion" and "La Roux" and a bunch of other untimely, uninteresting fad acts.

But what do you think?


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