Requests to round out song selections

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Admittedly a diverse group of songs but each has it's place in Rock Band:

"Gimme some Lovin" Spencer-Davis Group "One happy, amazing, party jam" Always makes people smile and dance!

"Hold your head up (long version)" Argent "Classic free-style jam. all instruments!"

"I wish" Stevie Wonder "Funky, fun, another *makes you smile* song!"

"Bad Company" Bad Company "show where Bon Jovi got the idea"

"Miami 2017" Billy Joel, *Live* from "Songs in the Attic" This is how the song was meant to be heard and played, Billy is at his peak on this live song. The energy from the New York crowd is amazing!

"That Smell" Lynyrd Skynyrd from Street Survivors. Their last (and best) album, a great song about how drugs aren't as cool as you think ... from guys that have been there.

Fellow Fans, just google these and give a listen, you'll agree with me right down the list. Each song brings its own power and message ... they would be amazing to play!
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