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Hello, this is my first post, and I just have a couple small questions.

1. I've discovered some cool bands and musicians on RBN and I've been going and getting their music (legally) to listen to, but a couple musicians/groups I've been having trouble finding, namely Denullification and Askari Nari. For the latter I can find a Bandcamp and Soundcloud, but they appear to be removed. There's a ReverbNation that is empty. Some songs are on Grooveshark for streaming and then I found some MP3 snippets elsewhere, but that's it, I can't find anything. Then for Denullification, I couldn't even find that much. Anyone know where I can find their music?

2. Can someone recommend me some bands on RBN? I've enjoyed the aforementioned, Yogurt With Sprinkles, Freen in Green, Bang On A Can, SNMT, of Montreal, Apples in Stereo, and Garage a Trois, but there are so many songs and so many bands that I don't know where to even begin looking.

3. If I write music, what would be the easiest/cheapest means to get a song or two into the game? I'd have to contact a group, right? Are there even any more still active (I know it's been going slow lately)?


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    That's some...diverse tastes. One of my favorite RBN bands is Drugstore Fanatics. They've got three songs in the game, and their entire album is available for free download from their website. It's good stuff :D I also really love Rose of Jericho, but they may not be what you're looking for. Mostly pretty mellow pop/rock, female-fronted. They have quite a few songs in the game (don't know the exact number as I'm on PS3 and some of their RBN1 songs were never ported). Same goes for Dance for the Dying.

    As far as #3, yes there are authoring groups still active, but they're all booked pretty solid, having not so many members among them. You'd probably have to wait a while.
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    Check out (Damn) This Desert Air, you might like 'em
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    Something must of happen to Askari Nari's bandcamp because I know for sure I was able to access it last month. As getting your songs into the game you will have to contact an author. You can find more info here
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    Yeah, I don't know what's up with Askari Nari, I'm unable to access his bandcamp page. For some reason, it keeps redirecting me to my bandcamp. I think that might be just because I'm logged in. As for these forums, I haven't seen a trace of him anywhere recently.
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    Welcome to the forums! And I must say I like your taste in music good sir/madame (and it's not just because I work for Freen in Green authoring lol)

    I am not the best at song suggestions, but you might enjoy some of the stuff from Shylo Eliot, Giraffes? Giraffes!, An Endless Sporadic (though perhaps a bit too Metal at times?) and Rodrigo Y Gabriella (if you play guitar/bass as your main instruments)

    As for getting your own songs into the game, be aware that the list in the official thread is extremely outdated (at least the last time I checked), but I would recommend seeing if Chart Toppers Authoring have any open spots on their schedule, they are very open to all kinds of music. If not try and make a post in the general RBN request thread about your music if you have anything ready.
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    Hey, thanks for enjoying my music! Always warms my heart.
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