Ion Drum Roll Limit

BrandonHendersonBrandonHenderson Unsigned
edited January 2013 in Rock Band
So, I've had my Ions for about a year and a half now and I'd consider myself an above average RockBand player. Recently, I've FC'ed just about every section of "Heavy Weather Storm ov The Undead" on drums, and the only thing that is holding me back is the red drum rolls in the verses.

It seems to me like I can hit them, but it always registers as a miss, and I have a good friend that told me the Ions had a "roll limit" on Rock Band, but it's just the Ions, no other kit. I'd really like to know some details about this roll limit from the community, as well as a way to fix it. He mentioned if I were to purchase a new module and hook up my Mylar pads to that, it may work.

If this is true, do you guys have any Mylar compatible modules that you would recommend? Thanks guys/gals, its greatly appreciated. :)


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