A few good songs

VaudevillianVaudevillian Unsigned
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Even works for DLC, Would pick them up in a instant.

3 Days Grace - Animal I have Become
3 Days Grace - Pain
Aerosmith - Pink
Aerosmith - Eat the Rich
Aerosmith - Cryin'
Aerosmith - Taste of India
The Black Keys - Little Black Submarines
(Get some Damn KoRn)
Korn - Dead Bodies Everywhere
Korn - Freak on a Leash
Korn - Somebody Someone
Korn - Lets get this Party Started
Korn - Coming Undone
Korn - Twisted Transistor
Korn - Sour
Korn - Adidas
Korn - Right now
System of a Down - Lonely Day
You have to try and get at least one tool song in the DLC, The Pot!!!!! Seriously we need tool.
Chevelle - The Red
Garbage - I'm only happy when it rains
Garbage - #1 Crush
Garbage - Stupid Girl
Garbage - Supervixen
Garbage - As heaven is wide


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