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I just cant acces this songs, neither heard it or listening to it, im not sure if there's a regeion problem or whats going on. btw im from mexico. i cant even acces to them from this page or xbox page... plz someone help :/


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    Rock band network songs aren't available in Mexico due to XNA not being available in Mexico.

    However you can create a second account on your xbox that is an american account and will allow you to download them with that account, and then play them on your main Mexican account. I think you might need to purchase american MS points to purchase the songs on your american account, but I'm not 100% on that.

    I'm sure someone that knows the process can come in here and let you know how to set it up.
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    you would need microsoft points from that region to buy it.
    you can just order those points online.

    if you make the account you can just use the address from a random hotel in America.
    If it's more convenient for you or cheaper to get Microsoft points from, you can make an account from any of the other XNA available countries as well. (from memory, i believe those are Germany, The UK, Spain, France and a few others. but double check that before doing so)

    As long as you download these songs on the xbox that you usually play on, you can play them on that xbox without having to sign into that account, so just buy them on that and then switch back to your normal account.

    if you want to play them on any other xbox though, you need to be signed in with it (although not necessarily as the player playing, you can use a 2nd controller for that) and be logged into xbox live.
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