BOSTON MA - Rock Band Night: Tuesday @ Game Over 2/12/2013

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Greetings all...

I am here to let you know that we're having a Rock Band Night at the popular gaming event Game Over in Boston Mass THIS TUESDAY NIGHT!

We're starting small with this, just a regular rock band setup but with an ION kit, 3 mics, your usual RB3 guitars and over 1000 songs which you can check out online here:
We're trying to get as many of our rock band fans there to help us Rock Out!

Good Life Bar (Venue of Game Over event)
28 Kingston St., Boston MA ($10 all day parking or free street parking from 8pm)
We'll be rocking from 5pm to 10pm, from there it'll be Dance Central time!
Free Entry!

I'd like to thank those who participated and actively helped us gain insight through the organizers' thread. ... thank you so very much for your ideas and help.

So there it is... and below is our flyer if anyone wants to spread it around!
Silent Rob :cool:

Game Over Website:
Game Over - Boston

Our Awesome Poster!:


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