All dlc lagging after downloaded on new ps3

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I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what is happening with my downloaded songs. I bought a new ps3 after getting the ylod ( still sad to lose my my b/c 80gig) and I have no issues with the songs that are on each of the games but all my downloaded songs lag. It doesn't matter if I am playing 1, 2 or 3. The songs lag on every RB game. I never had this issue on my old ps3. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    About the only thing I can suggest is re-downloading and installing the DLC again.

    I used the data transfer tool to move my DLC from old to new with no issues. I had to revive my YLOD PS3 to do it but it was worth the effort.

    If you are handy with a screwdriver you could try that. I have a guide if you want it. PM Me.
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