Can't find Rockpedal v2 nor replacements for original cymbals

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Hi guys,

I'm a occasional player and now I find that cymbals for Ion are out of stock (mine are totally broken), but the same happens with rock pedal v2, which I recently found out about and wanted to buy it. Does anyone know if these are discontinued or something?

Once I replaced a cymbal with a Pintech and I hated it because it kept rotating while I was playing. Apparently, the size on the hole is a big larger than the stand for drum rocker. Anyways, do you have any other suggestions and any info on the status of replacing the cymbals with original ones? I found these, but I wanted to get some reference from you guys first.

Also, is there a GOOD alternative for rock pedal v2?



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    Cymbals: Did you get a new cymbal clamp for the Pintechs? They're not really supposed to go on the clamps provided by the IONs, and you can see that if you compare the bottoms of the cymbals. Anywho, the Siglers you posted are from the same company that makes the ION stuff.

    Pedal: This plus the kick pedal of your choice. It's what I use at home (well, I use the KickBox since the KickWire doesn't seem to like my durmming area) with the Pearl pedal that the OmegaPedal used, and I would never voluntarily go back to a setup that didn't use a pad.
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    Thanks for the quick response. About the cymbals... do you mean the whole arms/clamps package like this? Or just the clamp itself?
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