One Pad less sensitive than the others ?

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Hello guys !

I'm from Belgium so sorry for my english ;)

I just bought a drum pack rock band to play on PC and I just realised that the blue pad is more sensitive than the others ... :(
It works but I have to be more precise if I hard very softly ...
Dont need to hait so softly but It's a fact, this pad is less sensitive than the the others

I can play but I'm worried for the future of this pad ...

Do you also noticed something like that?
It happens often on these drums ?

What can I do ?

Thanks !


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    Its not uncommon, I would not worry about it too much.

    There are replacement drum sensors out there if it quits and the install is easy.
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    I had to repair my rb 3 set. The yellow pad actually quit working altogether. I'm not in the least bit a fixit yourself kind of person, but I was able to watch a youtube video and got it working again. If I can do it anyone can do it.

    The important thing is to never throw your RB equipment away until you've exhausted all efforts to repair it first. And never, under any circumstances, give up the dongle. :)
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    Hello !

    Thanks for the answers !

    in fact, I just received another drum pad for a friend , I tested it and it's a little bit different...

    So, I've got the first one: 3 pads very sensitive and one who's less sensitive but working

    On the second, the 4 pads are less sensitive than the 3 others on the first one but it's more homogeneous ...
    And also, how can I say that: the hit touch/feeling is different ... :)

    I decided to keep the first one BUT i noticed than this one disconnected several times in the middle of a game :(

    Do you know this issue ? The drum is still ON (green light) but it doesnt work, I have to restart it and it's ok ...

    I think in this case it is worth to ask a new one to my seller no?
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    ilyama999;4983760 said:

    I think in this case it is worth to ask a new one to my seller no?
    about the pad, probably not

    about the random disconnecting, unless there's something that could be causing it on your end, Hell yes return it
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    Yes, I exactly said that to me ...

    Tomorrow, I will test the other one to see if it disconnect too ...
    If yes, it's my computer the issue if not, I return the one who's disconnecting...

    Which issue can cause this ?

    Thanks and big big sorry for my english lol :)
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