Rhythm Bastard Authoring Thread

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Just figured I'd post this up and make my mark on the RB forums proper.

So, here's the songs I've authored that are available now:
"Steven Wells (He Was The Greatest)" by Akira The Don- Fast paced punk rock mixed with Brit-hop
"This Gigantic Robot Kills" by MC Lars feat. MC Bat Commander and Suburban Legends- Third wave ska punk
"Lars Attacks!" by MC Lars- Trippy hip hop

I would like to make more songs from Akira The Don and MC Lars, and while there a couple songs in the ether, don't expect anything concrete.

Last month I released an album called "Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track" that you can buy on Bandcamp and Amazon, and I'm currently making songs from that album, like:
"Hell Yeah"- An arena-rock type ballad
"Robotman's Lament"- I default to calling this one "Chiptune Prog". It's like Styx's Mr. Roboto and Anamanaguchi had a baby, and I took that kid's lunch money every day at school.
"Pass The Class"- Montage rock straight from an 80's movie where the plucky underdog has to save a rec center from being bulldozed or whatever.


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