Want to be forum famous? Tell us your best RB stories and we'll publish them!

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Hey gang,

So with the recent announcement that the weekly Rock Band DLC streak will end in early April, we've been doing a lot of talking about what we can do to keep the community active and interested in the huge library of 4,000+ songs. We'll still have RBN tracks on the 360, and we're brainstorming plans for ongoing DLC giveaways, but we'd also love to keep web content updated on a regular basis.

That's where you come in. Most of the content posted here on RockBand.com comes from the Community Team and other Harmonix devs, but as we ramp up production on new projects we won't have the bandwidth to update as regularly as we'd like. However, we've also posted a number of kick ass fan stories over the years, and we'd like your help publishing more!

Do you have a favorite DLC release? Did we put your favorite song in Rock Band? Did you fall in love with a band after hearing them for the first time in game? Have you ever thrown a bonkers Rock Band party? Do you use RB as part of a charity event or fundraiser? Have you made friends or did you meet your significant other while playing RB together? THIS IS ALL PERFECT STUFF!

If you're interested in writing around 500 words about RB, just shoot me a PM with that info and your email and we can follow up there. You can also post your interest in the thread, but don't post the full story here, just give us an idea of what you'd like to write about so we can make sure people don't double up on the same band or subject. We'll proof read and edit, credit you however you'd like (real name, forum handle, gamertag, Twitter handle, etc), come up with a clever title, work with you to find an ideal header image (in game image, custom illustration, photos if you have them, etc), and then we'll publish the piece here on RockBand.com/blog, Tweet it out from the main @RockBand account, and post on Facebook, to reach our community of over 3 million followers!

So there you go. If you're interested in contributing just let us know and we'll follow up!


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