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MasterOfAwsumMasterOfAwsum Unsigned
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I don't see why it can't be done. Rock Band Blitz on mobile phones. It could be fun. From what I remember, the other Rock Band mobile games didn't do terribly. So what do you think? Would that be a nice treat for the end of Rock Band?


  • www1221www1221 StackOverflowError
    edited February 2013
    Too much going on to make Blitz on mobile a good experience. Also not gonna happen.
  • horsepastriesahorsepastriesa Rising Star
    edited February 2013
    -Too much is going on graphically
    -Separate servers from the console games would be necessary
    -Even if a separate music store was created, there definitely wouldn't be enough DLC to make it particularly fun
    -An iPhone or iPad isn't ergonomic enough for Blitz
  • Epsilon82Epsilon82 Opening Act
    edited February 2013
    Yeah, aside from the fact that this is a total pipe dream to begin with, I think Blitz needs buttons to play effectively. You need to have some way of reliably hitting notes, switching lanes both left and right, and firing powerups, and I just can't imagine any way they could do that on a touch-only device, even a full-sized iPad which could probably solve the graphical complexity issue.
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    edited February 2013
    Were there a way to port my entire DLC library to another platform, I'd appreciate something like that. There are tons of issues, though; licensing issues aside, the Internet-required nature of the game plus all the development time required (Harmonix didn't make the iOS titles; EA had them created) makes it a difficult project to justify.

    But yeah, licensing, licensing, licensing.
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