TheStuddz's Decision Thread

TheStuddzTheStuddz Lil Rascal
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I am ridiculously indecisive.

Which is why I need this thread, and I'm sure many other posters do too. Keep in mind, this is not an advice thread. All questions asked in here must have a clearly defined set of possible options, be it a simple yes/no question or a variation of that. Don't be coming in here saying, "My significant other and I have gotten in a fight! What should I do?" By all means, go talk to a friend. Don't go through that tough time alone. But don't come here either.

On the other hand, if you're wondering "Should I make myself a Grilled Cheese, or a PB&J?" and you just can't decide, try as you might, this is the place for you. Questioning that polka-dotted tie you've got on? Ask someone here whether or not polka-dotted ties are cool. Think of this place as a Magic 8 Ball with personality.

Please don't come in here and ask stupid, trivial things just because you can. This thread is for SERIOUS QUESTIONS ONLY. It is designed to help people who can't help themselves, such as I.


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