Rock Blog Monday 07/30/07

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Where did we last leave you? Oh yes. So LoveBucket rehearsal on Friday night with Tracy, Helen, and Matt went awesome. There were a few technical screwups at first (and a nice list of bugs to avoid) but once we got into the pace of Band World Tour and made our characters we were having a lot of fun. Everyone in the band has a specific instrument and we won't stray from those for he next several weeks twice a week. The roster? Matt is on bass, Helen on guitar, Tracy is on drums, and I'm singing. Just wait until we make our logo. Seriously it was wicked fun, we've all been itching for our next practice tomorrow night.

Last night I went to go see the Police with Maria, Matt, and Leah. It was an awesome show. If you have a chance to go and you've been on the fence then put your mind at ease. They sounded amazing, Fenway was an awesome place to see the show, and watching Stewart Copeland drum is one of the most amazing things ever. It isn't that he is overly technical, he isn't, it's that he is incredibly good. His grooves are solid. He also plays the drums with a traditional grip which is really unique to see in a rock show. Sting and Andy Summers were great, too, but Stewart Copeland had my attention the whole time.

I also got my copy of James Carr's Goldwax singles and it is incredible. He was really a very talented but it seems like they hadn't carved out a sound for him. What results is a series of singles that are all over the place. Some are amazing and fits his style perfectly - Dark End of the Street and You've Got My Mind Messed Up in particular. Then you have other songs that really seem very much beneath his talent and the result of someone just giving him something and telling him to sing it with no care put to whether it fits. One of the cool parts about listening to this disc is to hear those differences and begin to put the story together. I definitely recommend it if you can find it, some of those songs should be straight up classics on the same shelf as Try A Little Tenderness or A Change is Gonna Come. I'll shut up now.

We have two blogs today. First up we have Sasquatch King who covers all the bases in his short absence. He also talks about his favorite kind of rain. Secondly we have Heather who discusses our new plans for an "addition" for our office.

Sasquatch is feelin' the Tay.

Heather has plans for the ramp.


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