Issues with Rock Band 2 Kit and Pro Cymbals

DerFritzDerFritz Unsigned
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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I got a set of Madcatz cymbals but I'm having some problems to make them work correctly with my Rock Band 2 drum kit:

1) When I connect two cymbals to both the Blue and Green jack plugs of the drum kit, none of the them register the hits.

2) When I connect only one cymbal to the Green or Blue jack plug of the drum kit, it registers the hits but the game counts it as I had hit both the Blue and Green cymbals.

I don't have any problems with the Yellow jack plug, also, I tried plugging the different cymbals to each jack so I know that the cymbals aren't the cause of the problem because they all register the hits perfectly when connected to the Yellow plug.

I think that there's some kind of crosstalk between the Blue and Green plugs, has anyone had this kind of problem before? Any help to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

P.S: Excuse me if my english isn't very good, it's not my native language.


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