Exporting RB1 songs to RB3? (PS3 user from Europe)

DaAtteDaAtte Unsigned
edited March 2013 in Peer To Peer Support Forum
As the title says, I'm a PS3 user from Europe, Finland. I am having a really big problem with the RB1 song exporting. :(

I checked out the tutorial on this site and it seemed okay. I wen't to buy the "Export License" from options and for a really huge surprise, there was no link to buy the license.

What I'm trying to tell is that when I go to the options, select "Export Songs" (or something), select continue and somewhere should be a text "Purchase License" but there isn't. It seems like it's completely missing!

I couldn't find any tutorials from YouTube, nor Google, that would have helped me.

I have no idea id this has been posted before but I need help! I don't want to waste my money for some bad songs I don't want. :(
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