Play RBN with Amberian Dawn?!

AmberianDawnAmberianDawn They Sleep in a Grove
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Howdy Metalheads!

We've been wanting to do this for a long time but now we REALLY wanna do it and play our songs with you!

It's been great to see your shared videos on youtube and other channels! Thank you all so much for supporting us!!

So now we want your ideas how to do this!

Let's start pushing the word out and get your ideas!

How about that?

Stay Metal,
Amberian Dawn
Capri, Tuomas, Kimmo, Emppu, Joonas and Jukka


  • machetemonkeymachetemonkey Opening Act
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    My ideas:

    Since if you have a full band playing, you can't really let random people in... Set up a week or so where you say "Monday night, play with Amberian Dawn's guitarist!" and have your guitarist play while fans fill in the other slots, then the next day do it with the vocalist, then drummer, etc, etc.

    But, we also want to see you guys play Rock Band as, you know, a band. So I'd say play some of your own songs as a full band and record it on video, then put that onto your youtube channel.

    This way, we can experience you guys playing your own songs on Rock Band as a cohesive unit, and still get the chance to play with the band members ourselves!
  • FujiSkunkFujiSkunk Headliner
    edited March 2013
    I like machetemonkey's ideas.

    When recording yourselves playing the game, be sure to zoom in on Tuomas's hands on the keyboard. I just want to see if it really is humanly possible to play those solos! :)
  • NightmareLyreNightmareLyre Rising Star
    edited March 2013
    Yep, Machetemonkey seems to have a pretty good plan there. Also would be fun to see you guys play your own songs in the game indeed =P
  • AmberianDawnAmberianDawn They Sleep in a Grove
    edited March 2013
    Hmmm... If we play with the real instruments and split the screen with your video???
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    edited March 2013
    How about also setting up some Battles where AD plays their songs in Rockband and then all the hardcore RB players get to crush those scores?

    Payback could then be a YouTube battle where the rockband players try to cover the AD songs on real instruments and post the videos, and then everybody gets to laugh. :cool:
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