Can't reduce: what do I do?

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Hello everyone,

If this (again) is the wrong forum, I apologize, but I was charting a song of my sister's, and I got to the Pro Keys. I was reducing for Hard, but I can't reduce anything from Expert! It all fits into the rules. That being said, I don't want both charts to be exactly the same. What do I do?

- MADMac


  • Groudon199Groudon199 1 hour, 39 minutes, 52 seconds
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    I've seen charts that are exactly the same on both difficulties, so leaving it alone should be fine if it doesn't need reducing.
  • grace_pressuregrace_pressure Opening Act
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    Hey bud! You can post here on the Authoring Advice subforum, which is where everyone will see it. While it's fine, make sure there isn't any small way you can reduce.
  • MagnetMagnet Moderator
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    It's hard to know exactly what advice to give without having any context for what Expert's structure is. Sometimes it might make sense to remove one or two eighth notes per measure, and sometimes you can reduce some three-note chords to two-note chords. And while it doesn't happen too often, sometimes Expert and Hard will just end up being the same and that's fine.
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    Well, I'm guessing it will have to be that I leave them the same. In the context of Expert's structure, there's basically strings in the chorus and a piano in the verses. The piano is playing 3-note chords (with the notes in each chord very close to one another), and the strings are playing 2-note chords. I could try reducing the piano part a little. Thanks for the very quick replies everyone! I appreciate everyone's feedback.
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    grace_pressure is right, the Creators forums are a better place for this kind of question.

    Happy authoring!
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