GandWuser's Olde-Fashioned Handmade Tiering Thread

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This is the second iteration of my tiering thread. Post one song at a time and I'll get on it within a few days, most likely. I'll tier anything as long as it's less than half-an-hour long.

0netr1ckp0ny - "Royal Canterlot Voice"
10 Years - "Wasteland"

30 Seconds to Mars

"Battle Of One"
"Capricorn (A Brand New Name)"
311 - "Lovesong"
36 Crazyfists - "The All Night Lights"
Acid Bath - "Paegan Love Song"
Acid Witch - "October 31st"
The Acro-Bats - "Callout"
Adele - "Skyfall"
Aden Coy - "The Commander"
Aden Coy - "Galaxy March"
Adrian Lulgjurag & Bledar Sejko - "Identitet"


"Dream On"
"Livin' on the Edge"
"Love In An Elevator"
"Nobody's Fault"


"17 Crimes"
"The Conductor"
"Kill Caustic"
"Prelude 12/21"
"This Time Imperfect"

Agalloch - "The Mantle"

Aimee Mann

"Build That Wall"
"Save Me"

Air Supply - "All Out Of Love"
Akon - "Don't Matter"
AKB48 - "Sugar Rush"
Alabama Shakes - "Hold On"
Alestorm - "Captain Morgan's Revenge"
Alex Winston - "Velvet Elvis"
Alfred E. Neuman - "It's A Gas"
Alice Cooper - "Feed My Frankenstein"
Alice in Chains - "I Know Something (Bout You)"
Alkaline Trio - "Armageddon"
The Allman Brothers Band - "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Live)"
The Almost - "Say This Sooner"

Alter Bridge


"Cry of Achilles"

Alt-J (∆) - "Fitzpleasure"
Alt-J (∆) - "Tessellate"
Anberlin - "Desires"
Anberlin - "Little Tyrants"
Anberlin - "Self-Starter"
Andrew Gold - "Spooky Scary Skeletons"
Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice - "What's The Buzz"
Andrew W.K. - "The Moving Room"
Andrew W.K. - "Party Party Party"
Andromeda - "Blink Of An Eye"
Andy Rehfeldt - "Jesus Is My Friend"
[URL=""]Anonymous - "Salvem el m


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