RBN DLC Discussion: 3/21 (Xbox 360), 3/26 (PS3)

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Xbox 360 RBN Releases for Thursday, 3/21/2013

Indie Rock
Quiet Company - “It’s Better to Spend Money Like There’s No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like There’s No Money” (80 MSP)

Hopes Die Last - “Unleash Hell” (160 MSP)


Rainbowdragoneyes - “Thraashbath (2x Bass Pedal)” (80 MSP)


The Lora G Band - “The Light” (160 MSP)

PS3 RBN Releases for Tuesday, 3/26/2013 (North America) and 3/27/2013 (Europe):

Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey - “Discord (EuroChaos Mix)” ($0.99), Pop/Dance/Electronic
Cynic - “King of Those Who Know” ($1.99), Metal
Down June - “More” ($0.99), Rock
Van Friscia - “Rise Above” ($0.99), Prog
Freen in Green - “The Final Battle” ($0.99), Prog


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