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We all know,there are so many songs that rock but there is a live version of that song, like Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix or School's Out by Alice Cooper.I want to know what song do you love and is on Rock Band,but it is a live version.


  • tdc002tdc002 Road Warrior
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    I was so pissed when we got a live version of Supersonic by Oasis

    One of the best live tracks we have is "Timebomb" by Old 97s. Seriously, not enough people own that song. I'm pretty high on the leaderboards and I'm not even that good at it.
  • nascargo19nascargo19 Road Warrior
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    many of the AC/DC songs.

    I have the Old 97s song. Bought it mainly to complete all country songs though.
  • PikminGuts92PikminGuts92 Unsigned
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  • Skynyrd45Skynyrd45 Opening Act
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    Mary Janes Last Dance. I have always liked the original, but love the live version. Just seems to have a lot more edge to it, as I find the studio version is pretty mellow throughout.
  • AlternityAlternity Road Warrior
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    It's not the live version, but I like the live version of ''Chameleon Carneval'' better than the record, AKA the one that is on RB.

    If we are indeed talking about live versions, Sweet Home Alabama is one of the nicest ones on RB. Dream On also falls in that category.
  • hiimSMAPhiimSMAP Road Warrior
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    I really enjoyed the live stuff by Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick, and Tom Petty even more than their studio counterparts. I also really dug the Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, and The Who, from my memory everything else is pretty rocky.
  • RockBandand24FanaticRockBandand24Fanatic Road Warrior
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    The Tom Petty and Thin Lizzy live versions are some of the best! Incredible to listen to and play. The Alice Cooper ones aren't to bad either, I would have preferred studio versions. I like the AC/DC live versions and the Paul McCartney ones.
  • tdc002tdc002 Road Warrior
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    Can't believe I forgot about the Thin Lizzy tracks. The only one I have is The Boys Are Back In Town, but it's awesome!

    Also, the Paul McCartney live pack is great. I prefer the liver version of Band on the Run over the original, mainly because the vocal range suits me better. Plus I don't really mind missing the keys track that only goes on for about a minute anyway.

    The AC/DC songs are fun (I grabbed the track pack from a K-Mart bargain bin last year for like $4) but some of them are LONG. I don't even think I've played them all. At least 4 of the tracks are over 9 minutes long.
  • HairlooksgreatHairlooksgreat Opening Act
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    Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden
    The Spirit of Radio - Rush
    Prophecy - Judas Priest
  • Em3r4ldDragonEm3r4ldDragon Unsigned
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    Dream On is probably my favourite, even though it's not the live version I know. Took me a few attempts to get used to it. I prefer to sing studio stuff though. One song I don't like on RB is the Drunken Lullabies Live version, just can't sing it. :/
  • SylarTheNinjaSylarTheNinja Unsigned
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    I really like the State of Love and Trust by Pearl Jam that we have, and the live version of Alive is really fun to play too.
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    Alternity;5003425 said:

    If we are indeed talking about live versions, Sweet Home Alabama is one of the nicest ones on RB. .....
    Guitar Hero World Tour had it as DLC before RB did, and its EXACTLY the same version.

    I like a lot of the AC/DC live versions we have. I moaned about them before I listened to them. Brian Johnson did quite good job with some of the Bon Scott songs and made them his own.

    Dream on IS a superb live version, sounds quite similar to the studio one to me. I'm not so keen on the Thin Lizzy live versions we got, though i'm fairly certain the drum track to the studio version of the Boys are back in town is pretty unusable as an audio stem (which is probably why the drum track was re-recorded for GH: Metalica)

    Peter Frampton's song is pretty good live though. I just wish we got "Show Me the Way" from the same live album. It isn't as long but imo would have been a more fun song to play.
  • grimripper82grimripper82 Opening Act
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    Honestly, of all the live versions of songs we have in Rock Band, I can think of very few that I would prefer the original version. I never understood why so many people complained about the live versions. I suppose the studio version is more familiar to them, so that's what they want, but the live versions often times have longer solos, and are generally more fun on all of the instruments.
  • Iceman71421Iceman71421 Opening Act
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    I really like the versions of point of know return and icarus both by Kansas from their two for the show album.

    Also the weight and chest fever by the Band are two fun live tracks.

    I also like the Who tracks from live at leeds but some people dont like those.
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
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    I don't like the AC/DC tracks, and I'm a huge AC/DC fan having seen them twice with Bon and twice with Brian. The vocals seem pretty blown out to me.
  • BlasteroidsBlasteroids Road Warrior
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    Paul Mccartney & AC/DC stick out. Dream On is probably the only re-record that I'm not over keen on in RB.

    Sometimes I feel that live verions are better to play in RB because they are generally less clinical. But maybe it depends on what instrument you play? I can see singers not liking live tracks.
  • firedoom666firedoom666 Headliner
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    I think the Alice Cooper live versions are way better than the original

    the Kansas and Thin Lizzy live versions are also really good

    but then sometimes we get some pretty bad ones like Dream On and Breaking the Law
  • grimripper82grimripper82 Opening Act
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    You know, the other thing I really like about live tracks, is that Rock Band is supposed to sort of simulate a live performance. The game is supposed to give players the experience of performing in front of an audience (hence the crowd noises), and live tracks just further that immersion. You will almost never see a band perform their songs quite as spot on as they are recorded in the studio. So technically, live performances are more realistic to the game.
  • Bront20Bront20 The Writing's on the Wall
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    I don't mind most of the live tracks I've got.

    The AC/DC ones are a bit annoying because of the showmanship wankery in them (really difficult solos, long BREs, and in some cases, really fast versions), but they're mostly good.

    The Tom Petty ones I've got (the first pack) are pretty awesome. Generally very well done, fun to play, yet vocally pretty close to the studio versions.

    The Thin Lizzy ones are pretty good.

    Most of the Hendrix ones I've played are fun.

    I'm glad we didn't get studio versions of the 2 Cheap Trick songs we got live. great choice. Those, and Frampton.

    Sweet Home Alabama is a pretty good version.
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