European export for a USA RB3

Stig_the_PigStig_the_Pig Opening Act
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Hi, I was wondering if I can export the Lego Rockband songs from a European disc, to be able to play them on my American RockBand3?

All of my DLC is American, but for some reason etc. doesn't ship to Europe, and I really want those songs on my 'main game'.

I've managed to find a L:RB, but I was wondering if the export works on my american game. I don't feel like wasting 10$ so I'd rather ask it before trying.


  • MarlboroMarlboro Road Warrior
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    On 360 that should work
    On the PS3 I don't think that will work.
  • ASPMikeASPMike Opening Act
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    For PS3, anything related to DLC is usually region locked and requires the right disk to play it. Basically meaning, console itself is region free. But the DLC you buy for another region wont work with the other regions game. Best way to explain it. Also regarding imports and stuff, the PSN code you are given to download the pack is region specific too

    360 is almost similar those aspects, as far as I know. You cant use other region game DLC/games unless they specify region free for things. The actual DLC codes themselves I assume are region locked.
  • Bront20Bront20 The Writing's on the Wall
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    No, on the 360, it's the oposite of the PS3. Discs are region locked, but DLC (and codes) are region free.
  • PlexShawPlexShaw Opening Act
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    L:RB isn't region locked on the 360. I'm in the UK, have a US version of the game and was able to export the songs without issue.
  • GraceCookGraceCook Unsigned
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    Basically meaning, console itself is region free.
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