problem with a drum pedal imput

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I have a rock band 2 drum kit and my first pedal input doesn´t work ,when I play rock band 3 I´m using a second pedal input. I bought rock band green day and it doesn´t recognize the second pedal input. So I want to ask you what to do with it. It can to replace the first with the second input or second pedal input to activate in the rock band Green Day?

Thank you very much

I´m sorry for the bad English :)


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    You want to do surgery on the brain of your drumkit and switch iNputs? Maybe that was too deep into the English. Go into your drums' computer and change wiring? Maybe going in there, you will find a loose connection and be able to fix it and get lucky. My RB2 drumkit {Wii}{12/08} sometimes has trouble on 1st input and I switch to the lower one, but then the kit won't allow the pedal to be used for navigation in song selection. I too have GD imported, but have never noticed if I had swiched to #2 during a song by them. If you do 'go in', be careful not to mess up anything as you probably know how expensive Wii drumkits are these days. Hope you have luck fixing your trouble. Your English is just fine and your politeness is fantastic!
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    Thank you very much ! :)
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