April 1st Event: RBN Salutes The End of HMX DLC! (10am EST/7am PST)

MystakinMystakin Opening Act
edited April 2013 in Rock Band
Hey everyone! As you probably already know, Harmonix is ceasing active production of DLC as of April 2nd. They leave behind a 5-year, 2,000+ song legacy that, I thought, deserves some extra recognition.

So I started to cook up an idea for a 24-hour Rock Band livestream as a tribute to the hard work HMX has put in over the years -- I assure you my current state of unemployment had nothing to do with this idea. No RBN tracks, no on-disc songs (okay, maybe a few); just 24-hours of the supplemental content HMX put out over the years.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I felt I should get some other people involved, and what better group of misfits to drag into my plot than the RBN community! After all, they're keeping the DLC train running as long as possible, even after HMX has stepped off.

So on April 1st, starting at 10am, I'll be streaming Rock Band 3 on my twitch.tv profile for 24-hours straight. I had to be at least a LITTLE organized, though, so I put together a schedule of guests, playlist blocks, and a little RBNtertainment near the end. The schedule may change as we near the event and authors confirm their timeslots. I'll do my best to rope in willing participants watching the stream as well, but DLC compatibility will be a concern -- This is why most of the playlist events are exports.

I hope to see all of you some time next Monday! Hang out, have fun, and try some of the pie.


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