Just bought an Xbox for RBN, now where do I start?

valeforXD2valeforXD2 Unsigned
edited March 2013 in The Rock Band Network
So, I've finally witnessed the awesomeness that is the RBN on 360. I have a PS3, but after Harmonix announced plans to cease DLC I switched to Microsoft's console to continue building my library.

Only problem is where to start.

I'm into a lot of different genres so feel free to recommend whatever you like, but I am looking for some more specific songs:

- Something that throws walls of notes at you. I love epic alt strummers like Beast and The Harlot and The Way It Ends (or Calling, for anyone who played GH: Warriors Of Rock).

- I'm a pretty good singer, too, but my voice has a limit - say, the highest note in Plush, or any of the songs by an Unkindness. Any songs that fit that kinda vocal range would be perfect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and please don't recommend the obvious ones - y'know, Dawn of a Million Souls, and such.


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