Late to the party...but no Rock Band 3 Battle Mode?

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So, as far as I can tell, there is no battle-mode/tug-of-war/etc in Rock Band 3. I was so confused at first and wondered if I was just a menu newbie and then actually confirmed my worst fears by double and triple checking some user posts by Google.

Can anyone point me to a thread that explains why this feature was dropped in between Rock Band 2 to Rock Band 3? My primary usage and best memories of RB1 and RB2 was having singing competitions with friends(not take turns, see who can get higher score) but singing together/vs each other. It's a memorable and awesome experience and made the game indirectly better than a lot of the pure "karaoke" games at the time like American Idol Karaoke Revolution, LIPS, etc.


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    Others here may be able to point you to specific threads, but fwiw, Hmx said it wasn't that popular with all that many people, and they did away with those features. I'm pretty sure they justified that decision by all of the many other new features that went into RB3. You win some, you lose some, I guess.
    I also enjoyed it, and miss it.

    In RB 3 They used to have a feature that allowed you to create a personal setlist and immediately send it out, as a challenge for your online "friends" to play, however, the last time I tried to do that, it wouldn't send it out as a challenge, rather, just a setlist. I'm assuming this feature was dropped as well for lack of interest, but I've no way of knowing for sure.
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    They said it wasn't popular enough, but I stand by saying that even after RB3's launch, I wasn't waiting more than 5 minutes to get mached with an opponent, at almost any time of the day or the night.

    Now it's probably dead, but RB3 has been out for a while so it's understandable.
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