No Love for "Conditions"?

TheGoldenTheGolden Unsigned
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The Conditions are one of my favorite bands! they have really great music yet only one of their songs are available as DLC. You can Get the song "Better Life" by the Conditions so if you haven't please support this awesome band by doing so.

The lack of support for this band here at the RB forums has surprised me. They are not even mentioned in the Band support topic. Does no one else here know of this band or like their music? I searched for topics that had the name in the title but got 0 results. Here are some links to a few of their songs that would be great additions. I just found out the weekly DLC ends in April so here's to wishful thinking.

"Better Life" (Already available for download)

"Before You Fight This Battle"

"Natural Competition"

"When It Won't Save You"

"...Made Ghosts"

"Make Them Remember"
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