Un-Official Discuss What Back Catalog Tracks You Purchased This Week!

Dadasaurus RexDadasaurus Rex Rawwwwwwr!
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In the absence of new DLC I am going through my spreadsheet of unpurchased tracks and buying a few each week to lessen the sting and promote my
denial as long as possible. I thought there must be way more people out there that haven't bought every track they have wanted than people that
have, so this thread is dedicated to those individuals and their continuing purchases. LONG LIVE RB!
My Purchases in the last week:
(You Can Still) Rock in America
Don't Tell Me You Love Me
Hair of the Dog
Flight of Icarus

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  • SCFoxSCFox Opening Act
    edited April 2013
    I didn't buy any this week, though I bought 45 songs last week, but those would take too long to type up.
  • intropeeintropee Road Warrior
    edited April 2013
    SCFox wrote: »
    but those would take too long to type up.

    20 songs last week.. 8 this week... I'm with you on this brother.. LOL :D
  • Dadasaurus RexDadasaurus Rex Rawwwwwwr!
    edited April 2013
    Copy an paste, copy and paste ...lol...slow it down and savor it.
  • HairlooksgreatHairlooksgreat Opening Act
    edited April 2013
    Weezer - 'Hash Pipe'
    Limp Bizkit - 'Build A Bridge'
    Coldplay - 'The Scientist'

    And I'll be buying at least 3 a week for many many weeks to come.
  • Dadasaurus RexDadasaurus Rex Rawwwwwwr!
    edited April 2013
    That's the spirit!
  • Stig_the_PigStig_the_Pig Opening Act
    edited April 2013
    The Zombies (2songs)
    The Stone Roses single
    Lego Export (finally)
    Supergrass single
    Steely Dan single
  • LegendofRock3021LegendofRock3021 Nice Doggy
    edited April 2013
    Black Sabbath pack 01. I always put off buying it in hopes of getting some Sabbath master tracks, but when it became clear that wasn't going to happen and with the ongoing pre-RB3 DLC sale, I grabbed it yesterday. I played through them on guitar after buying the pack, very solid overall and I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase.
  • baumpaulbaumpaul Unsigned
    edited April 2013
    I bought the whole Texas Flood Album, a bunch of songs by Iron Maiden and about 20 more. Too lazy to check which ones, though ;)
  • dudemann14dudemann14 Rising Star
    edited April 2013
    I plan on doing 3 songs or so a week, so I should be buying songs for a while still. I'm starting with the oldest songs first, while sticking in some RBN.

    This week I got:
    The Sounds - Song With A Mission
    Faith No More - We Care A Lot
    Anarchy Club - All the Fires Burning
  • DavidTLynchEsqDavidTLynchEsq Opening Act
    edited April 2013
    "Hier kommt Alex" and "Rock and Roll Star". I don't know if I'll ever play them, but it's better than knowing that I'll never play them when they inevitably get removed.
  • CanuckGamerCanuckGamer Road Warrior
    edited April 2013
    I bought Foo Fighters' The Pretender. I can't believe I didn't buy it earlier.
  • holycow98holycow98 Unsigned
    edited April 2013
    I switched gears when I read about HMX's need to renew the licenses after 5 years. I'm not too worried about a ton of songs getting taken down. I already had the Metallica pack and pro upgrade. I switched from starting from the most recent DLC and going backwards to starting from the beginning to present.

    I have around 2400-2500 microsoft points at the moment. I was thinking of knocking out the albums next so that would be that I've put off for a long time:

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik
    Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood
    Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking

    I'll still have enough points left for about 5 singles. I'll grab:
    Queen's of the Stone Age - 3's & 7's
    The Police - Sychronicity II
    The Clash - Train in Vain
    Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench
    Foo Fighters - DOA
  • crashb648crashb648 Unsigned
    edited April 2013
    People have had a similar idea to what I am now doing, I'm buying 6 tracks per month, which should keep me going for about a year. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I went buying crazy when the sale started and I need to catch up!

    Anyways, I last bought:
    I can't go for that
    Private Eyes
    Take On Me
    There's No Other Way
    Mud on the Tires
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
    edited April 2013
    I'm having trouble posting my list, since it's large and has many things. Just check out my DLCQP page and see what I got, though it omits a few, including "East Jesus Nowhere" by Green Day, The Warped Tour 2009 Pack 01 and American Pie.
  • mofan77mofan77 Unsigned
    edited April 2013
    The oasis pack, Tom petty packs, alive the POD version, ABC Jackson five.

    Really like the Oasis pack.
  • LegendofRock3021LegendofRock3021 Nice Doggy
    edited April 2013
    Also picked up Buzz****s' "Ever Fallen in Love" earlier this morning. Had a lot of fun playing guitar and bass.
  • NekketsuNekketsu Opening Act
    edited April 2013
    Picked up the Offspring pack and Machinehead the week before. Was going to get the Foreigner pack last week, but Magic 2013 and it's expansion was on sale..
  • SCFoxSCFox Opening Act
    edited April 2013
    Copy an paste, copy and paste ...lol...slow it down and savor it.

    Oh, I'm taking it plently slow enough. Even though I've purchased the songs in bulk, I haven't seriously played since Aerosmith came out, and I purchased another 30 or so songs shortly after that. So I probably have a good 70 songs I recently purchased but haven't played yet, and another 50 I just haven't gotten around to playing since buying them on their release date, in addition to an additional 20 RBN songs I want to check out. So, I've got plenty to keep the game fresh.
  • grumblevolcanogrumblevolcano Headliner
    edited April 2013
    I panic bought early DLC after the Metallica announcement. I already had that content + pro upgrade but I wanted every DLC bought up to late 2008 just in case of bad news in a few months:

    - MTV2 Pack 01
    - As Made Famous By covers: "Limelight", "Fortunate Son", "Working Man", "The Number of the Beast", "Action", "Bang a Gong"
    - Count Zero - "Shake"
    - The Mother Hips - "Time-Sick Son of a Grizzly Bear", "Red Tandy"
    - Crooked X - "Rock 'n' Roll Dream"
    - thenewno2 - "Yomp"
    - DevilDriver - "Clouds Over California"

    Also, 1 out of 3 RBN songs not present on the ingame store but can be bought from the marketplace:
    Machinae Supremacy - "Hero"
  • LegendofRock3021LegendofRock3021 Nice Doggy
    edited April 2013
    Bought "My Sharona" this morning. Fantastic solo, already one of my favorite guitar charts even though I just bought the song today.
  • DiabolicMoss21DiabolicMoss21 Unsigned
    edited April 2013
    Still picking up songs I do not have yet,make a trip to the Rock Band Store twice a week
  • blink182punkblink182punk Unsigned
    edited April 2013
    Boys Like Girls-The Great Escape, Papa Roach-Last Resort and 3 Doors Down-Kryptonite
  • SylarTheNinjaSylarTheNinja Unsigned
    edited April 2013
    This week I've bought:

    Gay Bar - Electric Six
    Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix
    Love Spreads - The Stone Roses
    Poison - Alice Cooper
    Wings of a Butterfly - HIM
    Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
    Black Sunshine - White Zombie
    Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against

    Which means I only need a few more to get all the songs that are both in RB3 and GH3.
  • generalbanegeneralbane Rising Star
    edited April 2013
    Finally picked up the entire Peace Sells...But Who's Buying album, as well as Gemini and Collide from the RBN
  • FlipnoteguyFlipnoteguy Unsigned
    edited April 2013
    Paul McCartney New York City 01
    Paul McCartney & Wings - Let Me Roll It
    Paul McCartney & Wings - Helen Wheels
    Abbey Road (album)
    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band (album)
    The Beatles - All You Need Is Love
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man (pro-guitar/bass)
    Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench (pro-guitar/bass)
    Soundgarden - Pretty Noose (pro-guitar/bass)
    James Gang - Funk #49 (pro-guitar/bass)
    Pearl Jam - Even Flow (pro-guitar/bass)
    Eve 6 - Inside Out (pro-guitar/bass)
    Alice in Chains - Check My Brain
    Morrissey - Irish Blood, English Heart
  • machetemonkeymachetemonkey Opening Act
    edited April 2013
    Going through and finishing the last couple dozen pre-RB3 tracks I still need

    Lady Gaga - Just Dance
    Lady Gaga - Monster
    3 Doors Down - It's Not My Time
    Mute Math - Control
    The Subways - Rock N Roll Queen
    Little Fish - Bang Bang
    Little Fish - Darling Dear
    OneRepublic - Stop and Stare
    Carrie Underwood - All American Girl
    Ace Frehley - Outer Space
    30 Seconds to Mars - Closer to the Edge
  • regional the 3rdregional the 3rd Unsigned
    edited April 2013
    RBN Week

    Sea Wolf: You’re a Wolf
    Sister Sin: On Parole
    Marillion: Whatever is Wrong With You
    Dir En Grey: Dozing Green
    John Parr: St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)
    Sonata Arctica: Flag in the Ground
  • Egg_CartonsEgg_Cartons Unsigned
    edited April 2013
    Picked up a few tracks from the 1st Maiden Pack, and finally got around to redeeming my code for the RB2 20-pack. Also, I finally contacted EA about getting a new export code for ACDC.
  • synchro217synchro217 Unsigned
    edited April 2013
    Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - "Texas Flood (Album)"
    HIM Pack 01
    L7 - "Andres"
    Papa Roach - "Last Resort"
    Papa Roach - "Lifeline"
    Rascal Flatts - "Me and My Gang"
    Reba McEntire - "Fancy"
    The Doobie Brothers - "Long Train Runnin'"
    The Doobie Brothers - "Listen to the Music"
    The White Stripes - "Seven Nation Army"
    Them Crooked Vultures - "New Fang"
    Liz Phair - "Rock Me
    Martina McBride - "This One's for the Girls
    Soundgarden - "Jesus Christ Pose"
    Soundgarden - "Pretty Noose"
    Willie Nelson - "On the Road Again"
    Sara Evans - "Suds in the Bucket"
    Kings Of Leon - "Crawl"
    Kings Of Leon - "Molly's Chambers"
    starship-we built this city
    Lady Antebellum - "Lookin' for a Good Time"
    death cab for cutie-i will possess your heart
    4 yes songs
    6 the apples in stereo songs
    3 astra kelly songs
    don mclean american pie
  • mofan77mofan77 Unsigned
    edited April 2013
    Got my ps3 awards a 120 bucks worth spent that and another 30 but finally unlocked true music fan, so I'm done downloading for a few months probably got about 175 songs haven't even played yet so time to catch up! Part of what I got..Stevie wonder pack, queen pack 13.99 one, MTV pack, 2112 pack, completed several of my bands list (ie all their songs) including staind, oasis, nirvana, soundgarden, deftones, off spring and many more.

    Several of my one hit wonders so to speak:

    Take on me a-ha
    She she was talking heads
    Burning down the house- talking heads
    My sharona
    St Elmo's fire
    I think I bought a total over the last 2 weeks of about 200 songs.
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