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Hi Guys,

Ok so, i'm an avid GH player (PS2) but have upgraded to the Xbox 360 (best choice ever) considering changing to the Rock Band setup on my Xbox, however no matter where I look I can not find a "bundle" to purchase anywhere, even on this site under the store, any products I try and buy gives me a "unavailable" note........!!

Is there anyone here that might be able to assist in this "problem" ?



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    instruments are really hard to get nowadays. Your best bet is to look on sites like Ebay and Amazon, the game itself you can always get from the xbox live marketplace, and guitar hero guitars for Xbox will work on that. So if you can't find any RB equipment you can always get those.
    Drums from GH will also work, but I wouldn't recommend those
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    You may be able to buy from the GameShark store (, which is the official online store for Mad Catz, who currently makes all the RB instruments. Even GameShark doesn't offer all possible instruments anymore, but for the XBox 360 they still have everything except 5-button guitars, and you can buy a bundle that includes drums, keyboard, the Pro "Mustang" guitar, and the larger-sized 5-button "bass" guitar for US$300. Other bundles and single instruments are also available, as well as the MIDI Pro Adapter, which lets you play with just about any MIDI-enabled drum kit or keyboard.

    If GameShark doesn't ship to South Africa, or if you're hoping for other cheaper options, jibs gave good advice. Also:

    Vocals: Just about any USB microphone will work. There seems to be some speicific exceptions, but only with microphones for specific games on other consoles (SingStar on the PS3, for example). Any Rock Band microphone will work, even those sold for use on other consoles, and any third-party/generic USB microphone will work, including those meant for PC use.

    Guitar/bass: Like jibs said, any XBox Guitar Hero guitar can be used to play any and all Rock Band games. Just to be thorough, note that guitars meant for other consoles or the PC will not work on the XBox.

    Drums/keyboard: Even if you can't buy one from GameShark, the MIDI Pro Adapter is still a great way to get into drums and keyboard playing, especially if you can't find the Rock Band drum kit or keyboard. Amazon should have the MIDI Pro Adapter available, and other online retailers may as well. If you don't happen to have MIDI instruments lying around already, I honestly don't know how these prices translate to South African currency, but decent MIDI drum kits start at around US$500, and decent MIDI keyboards start at around US$100. Obviously the game-specific instruments are cheaper, but getting "real" instruments would let you keep playing even beyond the game! Note also, only Rock Band 3 has keyboard support, but the MIDI Pro Adapter can be used to play drums on any game in the Rock Band series.

    Also, if there is a local online classified ad service, like what craigslist offers in the U.S., check there to see what used gaming and music hardware people are selling near you.

    Good luck!
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    Rock Band 3 never released a bundle, and the other Rock Band games are at least four years old. The chance of finding an unopened new bundle for any of those games is going to be... very, very low, hence why you're seeing everything being marked as "unavailable".

    Add to that you're living in a country that's probably didn't get much supply in the first place, and you indeed have a problem on your hands. Wish there were an easy answer to give you, but there's not.
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