My ex deleted his hotmail account help?!

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My ex husband deleted his hotmail account, which was associated with all of our downloaded rockband songs. I had spent over $200 on songs. My system went out on my xbox360, I still have the hard drive. I have the new xbox 360, but not sure how or if I can transfer the songs to it. Is there any possible way to get my music back since he deleted the account? Ugh!




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    You'll have to talk with Microsoft Support with this one, since it involves a Live account (it's not just Rock Band, but other stuff on there).

    If your ex isn't civil about this and everything was indeed under his account, I'm not particularly optimistic, however.
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    Yeah, it really comes down to who owned the Gamertag.

    If it was all registered to YOU then a call to the fine folks at XBOX support SHOULD be able to get this sorted.

    If, like the hotmail acct, the gamertag is also registered to the ex, you will likely be SOL and should create a new gamertag and start over with your DLC collection.

    Losing 200 bucks worth of DLC is a bummer, but it could have been way worse. ;)
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