Can I export the 20 songs free pack of RB2 in RB3 ??

ilyama999ilyama999 Opening Act
edited April 2013 in Rock Band
Hello guys !!!

I just bought all RB games ...

I already export RB2 in RB3 with the code and 800 MS...

But I just saw now: there is a 20 songs pack free for RB2.

Can I have it in RB3 ?
How can I do it ? I already use my export key ... :(

Thanks !

And also, all exports that I made , for example RB1 in RB3 includes the songs that I have to unlock in RB1 with story mode ?
I've got all RB1 songs in my RB3 even if I didnt play one minute in RB1 ?

THanks again :D


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