RB2 drum pad dead zone questions

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Recently moved, and my new room is big enough to actually have the drums set up comfortably so have been messing with them off and on lately, and have a few questions about drum usage.

Are the RB2 era drums supposed to have huge dead areas? These only seem to register hits only if you hit the very center of the pad. Hitting the outer edges (the 'non-smooth' part) usually doesn't register anything, and I find it hard to always keep my hits centered. Same applies to the pro cymbals, they only seem to register if I hit them directly above the electronic part underneath them (and the yellow pad doesn't seem to want to register anything, period, half the time).

Can only play on Easy at this point because of the dead zone problem and the fact my foot starts to freakin' HURT after awhile due to the pedal...


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    Supposed to? Eh.. not really... but toy drums will be toy drums.

    You can shim the sensor to get an increase in sensitivity. One of the popular ways was/is with a coin.
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    It sounds like something isn't quite right with your drums. You should be able to hit anywhere inside the pad area, and have it register. Your yellow cymbal should be hitting like your others cymbals. Shouldn't be any different. check and make sure your yellow cymbal wire is plugged in good and tight. Also, you may try adjusting the height of your drums, and see if that helps. Good luck :)
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