broken drum bass pedal

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So after 4 years of service, my drum bass pedal (PS3/PS2 special edition RB1 kit) isn't registering hits. Anyone know what I can do aside from spending $20 on a new one online?


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    So the pedal is fine, it just stopped working?

    You sure its the pedal and not the pedal jack?

    If its the pedal, its a very simple reed switch that could be replaced if it is damaged but quite frankly, you would spend more time fussing with it than its worth if a replacement is only 20 bucks.
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    Yeah, pedal jack works because when I plug it in, I get the bass drum kick sound. Since my warranty expired long ago, I took the plate off covering the reed switch and that was the problem. The wires were fine, but the glue holding everything in place melted enough to come loose and the small tube of glass was broke at one end. You know where I can get a new one or how to replace it? If not it's just a matter of tracking down a new pedal & the $.
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