Problems with brand new RB2 drum EL

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I finally got a replacement for my dilapidated RB1 SL main kit, my trusty kit for years that went through everything andfinally bit the dust after four years.

The replacement is a full RB2 bundle that I got used for a steal...or so I thought. It was completely unused and unopened and I was psyched to finally try the RB2 kit out.

This thing reminds me of my first RB1 EL kit that dropped notes consistently, crosstalk ran rampant and you really had to beat the pads to get a reaction. No surprises when I saw the EL stamped on the bottom of this new RB2 kit.
Why was this reused for RB2? WHY?

Not only does this miss notes, crosstalk, and is not good for lighter playing, but now there are new problems!!
You have to be almost 100% precise in hitting the dead center of the pad for a hit to register, the foot pedal doesn't always register and I've tried several pedals, and then for some odd reason there is virtually no sound in any fill.

I get better results using my old SL that had the yellow pad go out. I can't Gold star or even 5 star most songs that were old favorites. It's not a out of practice issue, but a legitimate hardware problem. There are even missed notes in drum trainer.

Has anyone had similar issues? Is there any way to fix this thing? I've thought about adding my drum support sticks under the red and green pads and doing the sock mod, but I don't know if it would affect the problems.


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    I had an RB2 kit that worked great, but I don't remember what model it was. If you have the money, try grabbing some goodwoodmods mesh heads on ebay. They're really great. But if you're having pedal issues too, maybe something else is seriously wrong with that kit.
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    You say the bundle was unused and unopened so was 'new' in that way. However, it could be as old as 4+ years and at the least 2+ years old. Maybe it was stored in a hot place[attic,storage unit,garage] or damp,cold or any number of places bad for electronic items. Since it is highly unlikely you bought it at a store and can return/refund it, you are probably going to have to do some investigating by crackin' it open and seeing if you can repair or figure out the problem. How is the guitar functioning? If it is fine, you could always sell it to recoop your loss as these instruments are getting rarer by the day, and you have a new one...
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    I may just do that.
    I'm considering either trying to replace the heads with my old SL ones or maybe change the sensors if possible. There are a few threads that say the SL heads cannot go on the EL drums. Has anybody tried something like this?
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