Today's soft release of 3 RBN songs

HMXLachesisHMXLachesis Harmonix Alum
edited May 2013 in The Rock Band Network
During our downtime, 3 songs passed quarantine and arrived in the Xbox store. We have now released these songs into the in-game store so that they are readily available to Rock Band 3 fans.

These songs are:

Machinae Supremacy - "Hero"
Nonexist - "Presence Everlasting"
Snow White's Poison Bite - "The End of Prom Night"

Rather than promoting these songs with a Blog post and social media today, we have decided to hold off to next Thursday. We believe this is better for everyone involved because they'll be part of a larger group next Thursday, which we can promote more strongly, and this will raise greater excitement among the audience.


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